This is a great way to retire busted Xsjados. Skate to or across town at high speed, free of shoe carrying baggage - all without getting DOOPed.

Grab some Chinese Bont speedskate knockoff 100mm or 110mm frames on eBay, at a thrift store, or on Craigslist. The frames below are from Arrowy brand skates, which cost around $60 lightly used.

Roadskates - 1

 Obviously these frames are not UFS compatible. Luckily, they will fit a pair of UFS-mount skates easily and with minimal effort. Here you can see that the frame has been flipped 180 degrees for clearance, which also produces the added benefit of flattening the heel/toe posture of the skate.

Roadskates - 2

 A small, 5mm thick shim of aluminum was added to the rear mount point to produce adequate wheel clearance. This could also be accomplished with zero fabrication using a properly sized washer. The original large size Xsjado 1 shell rear mount point is used.

Roadskates - 3

 Overall frame length was centered below the boot by drilling an additional UFS mounting plate hole approximately one inch past the standard UFS spread.

Roadskates - 4

Roadskates - 5

 In general, this setup feels far more stable than a pair of standard cuffless speed skates: the added bulk is not a drawback for anyone accustomed to aggressive skates, either.

Roadskates - 6

It is also easy to re-convert this frankenstein into a grinderblade simply by sliding the front mounts back into place. This setup still feels solid after several months of use.

With a fair amount of tracking I have found that my average and top speeds are similar to what I achieve on a bicycle with far less equipment [and hassle].

Eight fixed wheels may be better than two?


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