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Tractorblade - June 1936 PopularSciene
The Conference has reportedly licensed a patent originally issued to a Japanese schoolteacher in 1936 for a tractor skate frame, which will finally enable aggressive inline skaters with offroad flexibility and allow for full tread grinding with spool heights of up to 90mm. Sources say this revolutionary new frame will "breach the gap" between aggressive, speed, and offroad skate specialties.

Scan via ModernMechanix via June 1936 PopularScience




A couple weeks ago it was brought to my attention that 62 Down Productions' One Nation (1997) was not available for viewing on the Internet. Twas a tragic thought that younger generations of inline rollerblader skaters might miss viewing such a jewel of aggressive heritage.

One Nation may not be the best rollerblading video made, or even in the top 10 — but much of the skating stands up as inventive and solid. Navran/Temple delivered a level of vision and production unrivaled by pretty much any video up to this point in 97 (The Hoax II: Anarchy Across America excepted ...


The Commandments of Rollerblading

And the LORD said unto Arlo, Roll up to me onto the ledge, and be there: and I will give thee tablets of wax, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest teach them. And Arlo rose up, and his minister Chris Edwards: and Arlo rolled up onto the ledge of God -

  • THOU shalt roll upon two small wheels with stones between them
  • THOU shalt not step to thy grinds
  • THOU shalt approach grinds forwards or backwards with skates in parallel
  • THOU shalt not touch by hand the object being ground before or during grinding
  • THOU ...


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