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How easy [or difficult] is it to backslide/royale/farf/torque in a Mook frame? What about a 72mm Bake? A classic Lightning TRS without a groove?

Enter Backslide Height

It seems like it'd make sense to measure the actual angle of tweak required to make frame-boot contact, but soul plates are, fortunately, many different widths.

What's that? Create an average of all soul plate widths on the market to make backslide angle a generalize-able measurement? Welp, soul plates have been widening (and are currently narrowing?) throughout hardware history, which would create a semi-meaningless relativistic measurement requiring maintenance ...


Of course UFS's big brother0 quit in 2005/6, and the "inventor" works on footwear now.

Apparently a commercial spec sheet was never released1 for what the Universal Frame System would consist of, and parts labeled UFS often require modification to be compatible with other "UFS" parts:

GC BIG Frame Insert


K2 Trio lacks UFS mounting cavities

Interested parties generally always refer back to Salomon's UFS patent filed in 2001, we'll call this Borel's Law:
UFS patent doc cover

And shucks, nobody really cares about any of this except for the distance between mounting bolts and those nub-pin-"cavity" thingies [which inconveniently, aren't explicitly defined in ...


Forget everything you know about liners, wheel setups, soul plates, grind plates, frame mounting, bearings, wheel profiles and sizes, bearing spacers, laces, H blocks, color ways and power straps.

What performance characteristics would the ideal trick-oriented inline skate for expert rollerbladers exhibit?

Wish list

Durability: nothing on the skate should break [unintentionally]

Solution(s): Strong, wear-resistant materials: UHMW, aluminum, carbon fiber applied with intention and minimalism. As few mechanical/hinged componenents as necessary.

Replaceability/Configurability: any part that wears out or needs to be another color or material should be replaced with ease. Skates should be customized trivially.

Solution(s ...


Or, Mounting Standards Are Nuclear Fallout

What? UFS is great. I can put any frame design on any boot...sort of-just kidding-not really-not at all.

Aggressive inline skate mounting "standards" have only ever existed to empower customization impose proprietary limitations by baiting sales integration traps.

Not to optimize:

  • ride height
  • groove location and angle
  • frame bias
  • or to enable customization

Only to optimize sales.
Otherwise, nearly every boot-frame application would be crafted with slight differences based on individual preference, in much the same way wheel size, cuff height, footbeds, skin design or buckle/strap closures can be selected. There's ...


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