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Steps To $uccess In A F(l)ailing Niche Market

1. Focus Your Approach

Employ one foolproof marketing strategy per cycle (9-12 months):
-New Color
-Hip/Notable Team Member Addition(s)
-Improved Technical Gimmickry Makebelieve Detail
-To Skin or Not To Skin?
-Revolutionary Material
-New Logo
-"Skater Owned"
-Magical Fit
-New Color (no: ANOTHER new color)


2. Upsell

Considerably fewer customers? No problem! Supplement emaciate revenue by fattening margins. Price implies quality and sells enthusiasts seeking an edge. Understand that nearly all remaining participants can now be considered enthusiasts.



3. Capture Repute Worship


As a category ...


There are now a lot of active/relatively active rollerblading podcasts.

Blader Geeks

Blade Or Die

How To Be Unpopular

Master Debladers

The Dirty Show

Something Something Rollerblading

Fruit Boot Losers

Organic Blade Skate


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