The Commandments of Rollerblading

And the LORD said unto Arlo, Roll up to me onto the ledge, and be there: and I will give thee tablets of wax, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest teach them. And Arlo rose up, and his minister Chris Edwards: and Arlo rolled up onto the ledge of God -

  • THOU shalt roll upon two small wheels with stones between them
  • THOU shalt not step to thy grinds
  • THOU shalt approach grinds forwards or backwards with skates in parallel
  • THOU shalt not touch by hand the object being ground before or during grinding
  • THOU shalt grab thy feet with ONE hand during flight
  • THOU shalt not count grinds that finish before rail end
  • THOU shalt not perform front flips
  • THOU shalt not grind with another man (simultaneously)
  • THOU shalt not [2-ca CBE 6 (1998)] fashion as much protective equipment as possible [2-ca CBE 6 (1998)]
  • THOU shalt wear
    Shorts with Crashpads® and Giant Kneepads [1-ca CBE 0/1992]
    Baggy Pants [2-ca CBE 3 (1995)]
    Basketball Shorts [3-ca CBE 8 (2000)]
    Tight pants [4-ca CBE 16 (2008)]
    Pants That Reveal the Shape of Thine Balls [5-ca CBE 19 (2011)]

NOTE: CBE: Current Blading Era - Year 0 or 1992 AD.


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