The first issue of Jan Welch's excellent Scum Magazine covered this event. It is preserved here.

This was possibly the first big competition in Texas and the first one I entered. The event took place just a couple weeks before ESPN's inaugural Extreme Games, and shortly after The Hoax II tour made its Rapid Revolutions (Dallas skatepark, formerly Jeff Phillips Skatepark) lock-in stop:

Arlo, Dave K. Brian, and some of the Scribe guys were already celebs to groms like myself from appearances in The Hoax, Mad Beef, Inline Magazine's Omaha "244" coverage, etc.

The Dallas scene exploded in 1996. There were 55 street competitors at this event -- the next year there were over 300.

This was Champion's debut. His name was big after this contest. He was shockingly far ahead of almost everyone with flips, contemporary tech grinds and smooth, unique style while almost everyone else was stumbling around in pounds of protective gear. I'm not sure how some of the top locals at the time like Shawn Robertson, Jar, Jimmy, Zac and Aaron Jacobs, Rapid Daniel, Wes Kramer, etc. went missing from the coverage, although I do remember Jar and Shawn skating. This is good documentation of the Scribe guys' cutting edge JNCO-only street fashion.

The 1995 NiSs tour coined the term "Bauer Box", which was established through the company's consistent ramp box ad placement.


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