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It would seem that many aggressive inline skating manufacturers do not concern themselves with maintaining trademark registration. Possibly because they face little or no competition?

Create Originals
While others, although popular in name across different industries, never seek registration to begin with:

Ground Control
Still others, dormant for years, appear to be waiting for the second coming:
It's not surprising that the more corporate players act in their best interests: Razors
Time to produce some Emagdnim gear...


No Contest ditch_construction0 ditch_construction1 ditch_construction2 ditch_wallride

Overall - John Sullivan
Best Pantz - KPillz (shorts)
Worst Trick - Matt Rankin (wallride aoop fish)
Longest Drive - Rankin/Austin Goode
Best Flip - DJ Karp
Best Lines - H-Town
Sour Grapes - Hunter Grimm
Latest Arrival - Chris G.
Bladies - Mallory
Free Drinks - Everyone Else


 This is a great way to retire busted Xsjados. Skate to or across town at high speed, free of shoe carrying baggage - all without getting DOOPed.

Grab some Chinese Bont speedskate knockoff 100mm or 110mm frames on eBay, at a thrift store, or on Craigslist. The frames below are from Arrowy brand skates, which cost around $60 lightly used.

Roadskates - 1

 Obviously these frames are not UFS compatible. Luckily, they will fit a pair of UFS-mount skates easily and with minimal effort. Here you can see that the frame has been flipped 180 degrees for clearance, which also produces the added benefit ...



The first issue of Jan Welch's excellent Scum Magazine covered this event. It is preserved here.

This was possibly the first big competition in Texas and the first one I entered. The event took place just a couple weeks before ESPN's inaugural Extreme Games, and shortly after The Hoax II tour made its Rapid Revolutions (Dallas skatepark, formerly Jeff Phillips Skatepark) lock-in stop:

Arlo, Dave K. Brian, and some of the Scribe guys were already celebs to groms like myself from appearances in The Hoax, Mad Beef, Inline Magazine's Omaha ...