Here's an updated list of active and dead? rollerblading podcast feeds, which has changed a bit since 2015. Omission/suggestion/additions all welcome:

Bladerat Podcast

Back to Blading (Law from Sequencemag)

TruSpin Podcast

Ricardo Lino Skate Talks
Ricardo Lino Skate Talks


Mad Beef

Blade Or Die -

How To Be Unpopular

Too Easy - Too Easy

Blader Geeks -

Blading At Home -

ShopTask (Vlog)

Dustin Jamieson (Vlog)

The Lino Life (Vlog)

Alex Burston (Vlog)

Chemi Simiyu (Vlog)

The Dirty Show dead?

Organic Blade Skate dead?

Something Something Rollerblading dead?

Fruit Boot Losers dead?

Forthcoming Be-Mag-affiliated Podcast(s)?0

  1. Mentioned somewhere in here or here
  2. iTunes may or may not still have dusty cached copies of all o' the disappeared RollingRevival episode artifacts previously hosted at


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