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DISCLAIMER: The below is a reality-driven work of fiction

How much would it cost to buy aggressive inline skating?

Yes, all of it. Every single active company and brand.

Let's look at Rollerblade's estimated 2008 operating revenue: $20M US. 2008 was a rocky year in finance and a long time ago, but aggressive rollerblading has gone downhill in participation terms since then, so this seems like a fair starting point.

Extrapolate from this that aggressive sales represent no more than 15% of total income, but probably closer to 8% or $1.6M. Rollerblade have the best recognition and ...


There's an outsized mention of "generations" in rollerblading lately; particularly on the Fungus Knifing Talkshow, but none have thus far attempted to loosely or discretely define said generations. Based on my limited knowledge, gut instinct, and personal biases, I'll give delineation a try so that we can 1)anecdotally bucket-label eachother and 2)make fewer unwarranted experiential assumptions of our near-peers' assumptions.


Generation 0

Rollerblade... the ride continues

Arrived with the first wave of Rollerblade® product and took more cues from rollerskating than skateboarding or BMX. These guys (and a shockingly high percentage of ...


DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Bake, Ground Control or Kizer. No products, bribes, or threats were delivered.

1988 Rollerblade Lightning (with 72mm wheel frame), Kizer Level 3, Ground Control Big, Bake (mk3)


72mm is a great wheel size for more speed and maneuverability than a conventional aggressive setup, with a reasonably short wheelbase that allows for grinding and retains vertical stability. I've been riding Bake frames on my primary setup since their Kickstarter project concluded unsuccessfully and they became available. Like many early nineties aggressive inliners, 4x 72mm felt familiar from the hockey and rec setups of ...


Steps To $uccess In A F(l)ailing Niche Market

1. Focus Your Approach

Employ one foolproof marketing strategy per cycle (9-12 months):
-New Color
-Hip/Notable Team Member Addition(s)
-Improved Technical Gimmickry Makebelieve Detail
-To Skin or Not To Skin?
-Revolutionary Material
-New Logo
-"Skater Owned"
-Magical Fit
-New Color (no: ANOTHER new color)


2. Upsell

Considerably fewer customers? No problem! Supplement emaciate revenue by fattening margins. Price implies quality and sells enthusiasts seeking an edge. Understand that nearly all remaining participants can now be considered enthusiasts.



3. Capture Repute Worship


As a category ...


There are now a lot of active/relatively active rollerblading podcasts.

Blader Geeks

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How To Be Unpopular

Master Debladers

The Dirty Show

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