Little equipment produced today is actually new or improved, save a few things. Most gear is molded plastic with 5-20000% production cost markup at retail, often shipped by those who don't actually make or even design anything and simply re-market logo-slapped colors or lines for nominal slave labor factories. There's an abundance of unwanted new or lightly used equipment for cheap or almost free that's otherwise landfill-bound. Price point—rather than experimental high-performance equipment—is necessarily produced to maximize revenue. The capital outlay for a truly new design dwarfs investment for a minimum run of open mold plastic with ...


Wherein :

1. Valo, an imprint of Roces, "secretly" marketed skinned skates as blader-owned

2. ThemSkates, formerly Valo and now really a blader-owned company, markets unskinned skates

3. Buying a skate is then mistaken for buying a stake

4. One downloads and produces "DIY" marketing materials using the official Valo vector logo artwork


...videos are always eventually released free of charge...

One For The Road -

Lost In Paris with Guillaume Le Gentil -


Jon Lee SOBER -

The Wizard of Wall Street -

Chris Farmer -

Iain Mcleod Surgical -

Haffey Vibralux -

Alex Broskow Nowhere -

Geoff Phillip VOD -

Secret Project - https ...



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Designed by the local engineer J. W. Hoar, the Saint Helena Railway Company built a two-car funicular, 924 feet (281.6 m)-long, in 1829 to carry cargo between Jamestown and the fort.
Termite damage to the sleepers caused the Royal Engineers to remove the cars, rails and associated machinery in 1871, and it is now known as Jacob’s Ladder.

Looks doable with enough duck tape:
Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jacob's Ladder - St. Helena

Jamestown, St. Helena